What to wear to dance the Lindy Hop

Jul 04, 2020

our favorite swing dance outfits
The Lindy Hop is a social dance born in the 1920s in the African American community and in the ballrooms of Harlem, New York. It is inseparable from swing music and draws both from African rhythms and dances and from the ballroom dances practiced in Europe at the beginning of the century. The swing scene is still very active in the corners of capitals like Paris, Seoul, Stockholm, or Maputo, and in a multitude of smaller cities around the world.

It is in contact with this sparkling and energetic atmosphere that Swivells was born! Inspired by the world of dance, each pair is designed to be comfortable, durable, and to match the neat outfits of the hoppers. So, from the traditional Sunday Best to current vintage-inspired clothing, we've got three ideas of outfits to wear with Swivells to dance the Lindy Hop.

The Cigarette Pants

outfits for swing dancing pants

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to wear a skirt or a dress to dance the Lindy Hop! The pants are also appropriate and we can sometimes feel more comfortable. The cut known as "cigarette" is now declined in multiple modern versions for the greatest happiness of the dancers. Here, to go with a straight cut, high waisted, sand-colored model, we advise you to wear a white top and Rubie derbies to bring light to the outfit. Finally, to avoid any problems during the dance, a brown leather belt that is adjustable to infinity!

The Skirt

outfits for swing dancing skirt

Red and white? We take the same colors, and we start again! This almost orange straight skirt is close to the ones you sometimes see in old movies with its little buttons on the front. To match it, grab a wide white tee shirt, with or without print. A tip: choose a skirt with stretch fabric to stay free to let off steam on the dance floor. And to have the most fun, slip on a pair of Miss Nude, the beige nubuck derby with its microlite soles and vintage details: a real plus for dancing in all lightness.

The Dress

outfit for swing dancing dress

The printed shirt dress is a classic in the current Lindy Hop outfits: their material is generally airy, their small collar very chic, and their cut comfortable to move. Here, we chose a black, pink, and khaki green floral fabric marked at the waist, which you can embellish with a thin golden belt and a hair clip - if you have hair - in the same tone. And if you love fruit as much as you love flowers, then Mama Kiwi will be the finishing touch to this spring outfit. Ready? Swing out! 
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