How to wear blue swing dancing boots

Jan 10, 2022

Comment porter des bottines de danse bleues
You’ve shared some good times with your Swing dance shoes, haven’t you? Late night dances, funny moments at work, great strolls and bike rides, they have even accompanied you when you found that perfectly mature avocado at Tesco. These moments are precious and you cherish them. You love these shoes and they love you back. But have you thought that you can keep this “shoemance” (I made a pun with bromance there, in case you didn’t notice) in more formal events as well? In this post, we’re going to give you suggestions for wearing your stunning blue Mama Navy boots in three formal occasions that you have probably thought that boots wouldn’t be the first option. Let us prove you wrong.

Insert drumroll.

It’s Graduation Day

Graduation. Can’t even describe how excited I am to finally get to write about such an occasion. Let me tell you about my pretty recent experience. You get in the venue, you haven’t yet realized you’ve actually managed to get that bachelor’s degree, master, you name it, and the moment they finally call out your name to get that desirable piece of paper you gave your heart and soul for, you trip down the stairs because of dem heels. And I ‘m asking. Why it gotta be heels?

Now picture this. In that mayhem of maxi dresses and stiletoes, you strut with your Mama Navy boots. Cool as a cucumber. Much better than the whole ‘Jennifer-Lawrence-attends-the-Oscars situation’.

Since graduation ceremonies mostly take place in the morning, keeping it chic and simple is the key. That’s why we suggest a simple line, layered outfit; a white kimono-style dress and a pair of loose, yellow, pleat trousers. The kimono is exactly at the same length as the pair of trousers, which allows the boots to be shown in their full glory, plus it makes a cool effect with the trousers appearing only when you walk.

how to wear blue swing dance boots


Something borrowed, something Navy

Summer is here. And guess what else. The period where all of your friends, relatives, colleagues and old classmates you haven’t seen for years decide to get married. Your head is already flooded with worries about the presents you need to buy, about Aunt Judie asking when will it be your turn. Consider giving yourself a small break by at least putting on an outfit that will make you feel beautiful as well as comfortable. Boots are not the first pair of shoes you will think about wearing in a wedding, but since you are not the bride, who forbids you not to?

I am a little bit tired of the flowy, flowery, pastel style outfits at weddings. Don’t let me be misunderstood, as you can see in previous articles I live and breathe pastel. But in a wedding it’s always the easy way. Inspired by the current 90’s craze, a silk, maxi, lingerie-type dress could just do the work. There is a playful tone between the combination of nubuck and silk and our suggestion, the olive green color, matches exactly your Mama Navy boots.

how to wear blue swing dance boots


The one with meeting your partner’s parents

This one was a bit of a trick for me. My inner demon is urging me to suggest patterns over patterns, outfits right out of a Pride Parade, but meeting with your partners’ parents can be a bit of a stumbling situation. By all means, keep the clothes that express your personality, that’s the most crucial part. But always keep into account that first impressions matter and a straight forward outfit can enhance that great character of yours.
As a first idea, try to recall all the Annie Hall-Diane Keaton outfits you have ever seen. If your memory fails you, go with the basics and give them a bit of a level up.
Idea number 1, the basic combination of a shirt and a skirt. It shall never betray you. But for a bit of more adventure, wear a skirt with a slit and a dress underneath. I ‘m really loving the idea of the skirt opening letting the different fabric and pattern of the dress being revealed, instead of too much skin showing. We’re suggesting a dress that’s pretty close to the blue of Mama Navy and a beige skirt. You can always play with different colors, but it’s good to also have a neutral shade in the outfit, for the eye to rest. As for the comfort of the dance shoe, it is priceless!

how to wear blue swing dance boots

Idea number 2, the old good pair of cigarette trousers. What makes them ideal with your Swivells boots is the straight line and ankle cut. Grab a pair of high-waisted black pants, throw a t-shirt on, and if you’re feeling a tiny bit experimental, create the illusion of an overall by wearing a black tank top over the t-shirt. This outfit can also work great with a pair of straight line jeans as well.

how to wear blue swing dance boots

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