How to wear shoes with glitter

Dec 24, 2021

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A special edition dedicated to the "Glitter" collection which is expanding with the arrival of the rose gold glitter derby Champagne and its boot version, Mama Champagne! It's Christmas, everything flashes and the sequins always have their subtle little effect, provided you know how to dose them. So instead of slashing the supreme bottle, let's create simple and stylish outfits which can be consumed without moderation.


How to wear the Mama Champagne ankle boot?

Like a Chaplin film, glitter likes black and white: a first "safe & sound" two-tone outfit to highlight the Mama Champagne. A short black dress will refine the legs to the end of the ankle boots, and in particular an apron cut. With straps identical to those of overalls, we are lucky enough to be able to put on a beautiful white turtleneck. Wear the outfit with a "beanie" cup, also white, to break the too sophisticated side: it's the little basic thing that will make the difference!

how to wear shoes with glitter

How to wear the Champagne derby?

Adapting your style is a matter of taste: for those who would like to give a more vintage character to their outfit, the difference can be made with a printed fabric - if it is extra fine: here, a black trapeze skirt with white stripes, with a line of buttons to mark the seam, will be a great ally to the Derby pink Champagne . With an ideally "oversized" black "sweatshirt", or a black shirt tucked into the skirt, depending on your morphology and depending on the occasion too. A reminder, however: it's not bling bling if the outfit is sober, so no flowers or dragon shirts!

how to wear shoes with glitter

How to wear the Mama Starry ankle boot?

When you think simplicity, the pair of jeans is never far away. High-waisted, tight, and not too long, the jeans will make the glitter shoe stand out. With it, choose a cardigan with buttons in light gray wool, because when the pastel is out, it's Mama Starry which arrives with great blows of "Glitter". Beneath his shiny coat hides a beautiful indigo blue that a corduroy cap - borrowed from the baseball locker room - of a similar color will bring to life.

how to wear shoes with glitter

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