How to wear swing dance boots with a dress

Sep 08, 2022

how to wear swing dance boots with a dress
In summer and winter, they often gather dust at the bottom of our closets because we don't know with which shoes to wear them. It's the dresses that we're going to look at with a magnifying glass, wondering how to carry out an association with ankle boots. Long or short, printed or plain, with a V-neck or a wallet closure, each one has its little particularity. What they all have in common, however, is that they leave your ankles open to the air. And, oh miracle: ankle boots naturally find a place in them. At Swivells, we design each boot model and choose each color with one priority: to make your outfits shine, especially your dresses.

The Little Black Dress

how to year swing dance boots with a dress

It's the timeless, the model that everyone has in a corner or at least that you can find easily for not too expensive: the famous little black dress. Here, we offer a retro model with frills, rather short, with a V-neck and a small belt with a gold buckle and crocodile pattern. Pastel colors like one of our khaki green textured nubuck booties, Mama Kiwi, go very well with sober outfits like this one. If you're in the mood, for comfort or to give a more relaxed feel to the outfit, slip on a pair of white sports socks with black stripes around the ankle.

The Shirt Dress

how to year swing dance boots with a dress

So, we like this royal blue, right? Super bright, this hue previously reserved for the blue of work invites itself today on our everyday clothes, especially those
inspired by the workers' dresses. This is the case of this straight, long, and buttoned shirt dress that goes particularly well with warm colors: we automatically think of Mama Chestnut, our smooth leather boots with alternating light and dark brown. To make this outfit even more sparkling, we can put a dash of bright and matte lipstick, and a pair of vintage bronze or gold earrings.

The Spring Dress

Light, light, light! Let the sun

how to year swing dance boots with a dress

shine in, that's kind of the motto of this bright and summery outfit. With the blue fabric like a cloudless sky, adorned with small black dots and yellow flowers, our Mama Sandy dresses appear like an obvious choice. Their mustard hue and the softness of the nubuck are a light accompaniment to the floral patterns. A touch of gold in the ears with twisted creoles, a pretty braided hat to protect you from the sun, and you are ready to start a day with a little taste of vacation.

The Midi Turtleneck Dress

how to year swing dance boots with a dress

Dresses aren't just for summer and the beach! We also like the more serious and secure models, but still stylish, for work days for example. A mid-height dress with a high collar and small gathered details, dark red color with blue dots, will go perfectly with Mama Rubie. This pair of smooth red leather ankle boots and hyper sexy will enhance the pop and elegance of your ensemble. The little extra: a light blue denim jacket with pockets cut at the waist will highlight your shoes.
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