The team

The partnership

Let's introduce ourselves

We are Amélie and Christophe, Swing dance partners and associates for many years. Our shared passion for Swing dances, and more specifically Lindy Hop, has led us to a unique entrepreneurial adventure.

This adventure began in 2017, with the creation of Swivells, the very first brand of Swing dance shoes designed for dancers but also adapted to everyday life. Our responsibly designed shoes combine comfort and style to accompany dancers from morning to night, without discomfort or pain.

Today, they are worn in over 40 countries around the world by dancers and non-dancers alike, who appreciate responsible, stylish and comfortable footwear.

Our mission

This is what we do

Passionate dancers, our goal is to participate in the growth of Swing dancing around the world. We starter with avec Swivells and our mission to reduce the number of foot, knee and back injuries among Swing dancers.

We also care a lot about teaching. We've travelled the World from festivals to festivals for many years before our Swing dance school, Jazzy Feet, in Paris, France, along with a website to give online Swing classes Jazzy Steps.

Finally, since we started we've been official sponsors of the Frankie Manning Foundation, a non-profit organization that, among other things, enables people from disadvantaged backgrounds to blossom through learning to dance.


Amélie Barrande

Amélie worked for a long time in the movie industry, before discovering a passion for Swing dancing, which led her in 2014 to start teaching this dance in the evenings after work.

Running around film sets every day and dancing every night in bad quality shoes, she ended up suffering a foot injury at the European Championships.

She then began to look at the problem of shoes in Swing. Dancing shoes are expensive and confined to the wooden floors. Dancers wait many years before considering this essential investment. Many, like her, end up injuring themselves. It was this reflection that led, a year later, to the creation of Swivells shoes.


Christophe Cholot

Christophe began his career by founding a marketing agency specializing in social networks. At the same time, his passion for Lindy Hop led him to take part in a number of courses and training sessions, before embarking on a series of international festivals. One foot in the world of marketing, the other on the dancefloor!

After selling his agency, he seized the opportunity to devote himself entirely to his passion. He founded Jazzy Feet, a school dedicated to swing, a dream come true.

With Amélie, they took the time to realize an idea they'd had in mind all this time: to create shoes adapted to swing dancers. Swivells was born. Today, he divides his time between managing Jazzy Feet and developing Swivells, a perfect balance between passion for dance and entrepreneurial spirit.