What to wear in autumn?

Aug 25, 2020

Quels vêtements porter en automne ?
Here are three outfit ideas to dress in the fall. This is edition dedicated to the Mama boots range, because as warm in winter as they are chic in spring, ankle boots bloom when summer comes to an end.
Mama Gummy - dark style

what to wear in autumn

Remember Avril Lavigne? Jet black and pink teenage skateboard Barbie. Growing up also means reinventing yourself with your childhood loves. Let's keep black pants and top simple and pair them with a much softer pink: Mama Gummy's. The mischievous pastel nubuck contrasts immediately with dark colors and brings lightness. To give volume to the outfit, a few accessories: a black cap and a black vinyl bum bag (find it in thrift stores for a few cents), because Paris shapes us and it's handy for carrying the handbag.
Mama Sandy - casual gray

what to wear in autumn

Let's be frank, finding well-cut jeans when you have generous curves is complicated. All in all, I have two and they have been following me for at least 4 years. The Mama Sandy , sandy yellow color, works very well with this material (remember to hem it to avoid staining the nubuck). You can pair it with a unisex gray polo shirt (very easy to find second-hand too) to bring out the color of the boots, and roll up the bottom of the pants a little to show off your fabulous ankles. Note that if you need to cover up at the end of the fine weather, a coat or a houndstooth or Prince of Wales check jacket goes well with mustard nubuck.
Mama Chestnut - you gotta love that crop top

what to wear in autumn

Mama Chestnut , it's the timeless brown ankle boot. It has this elegant hazelnut touch that goes wonderfully with a vintage wardrobe, but also a raw look like an adventurer to nuance the whole. What we love: the light brown dark brown contrast! Simple and efficient. Brown high-waisted pants (here squared with large dark blue squares) simply match the woody tone of the shoe. You can add a touch of bright color, red for example, with a crop top that will highlight the cut of the pants.
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