Should I buy shoes for my Lindy Hop class?

Jul 28, 2023

Faut-il acheter des chaussures pour mes cours de Lindy Hop ?

Hello dance enthusiasts!

As you embark on your exciting journey into the world of Lindy Hop, you may find yourself faced with a common question: "Should I invest in swing dance shoes during my first year of classes?" Today, we're here to offer some insights and guidance to help you make that decision.

Swing dance shoes, like our Swivells, are designed specifically with the dancer in mind. They are built to enhance the performance of a swing dancer, allowing for smooth movements, precision, and most importantly, comfort. However, we understand that as a beginner, the additional investment may seem a little daunting.

Start with comfortable everyday shoes

Let's start with the basics. To Lindy Hop, you don't necessarily need to have specialized dance shoes at the very beginning. Yes, you read that right! The main things to consider are comfort and the ability to spin and slide on the dance floor. In fact, your everyday shoes can sometimes work just as well, especially in your early days of dancing.

The two major aspects to consider when choosing your shoes are the insole and the sole. The insole should be comfortable enough to keep your feet pain-free, even after several hours of dancing. Your soles, on the other hand, should be just slippery enough to allow for all the twists, turns, and slides that make swing dancing such a joy.

Take the time you need

Remember, every dancer is unique, just like their journey in Lindy Hop. Starting with your everyday shoes allows you to get a feel for what you like and what you might need in a dance shoe before making a commitment.

That being said, the question of whether to invest in a pair of swing dance shoes also does depend on your budget and dance classes themselves are an investment. Take you time to make sure that you love the dance and that you want to keep on dancing the Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa or Boogie Woogie to purchase specialized dance shoes.

However, once you're certain that Swing is a dance style you love and want to continue, that's the perfect time to invest in a pair of high-quality swing dance shoes. Not only will they enhance your performance and comfort on the dance floor, but there's something about wearing shoes that were made for swing dancing that adds to the entire experience.

In conclusion, while swing dance shoes like our Swivells are certainly an asset to any swing dancer, it's absolutely fine to start your Lindy Hop journey with your everyday shoes. Take your time to immerse yourself in the rhythm and movements, to understand your own dance style, and most importantly, to fall in love with the dance. When the time is right and the budget allows, investing in swing dance shoes can be the cherry on top of your already sweet Lindy Hop journey!

Happy dancing, everyone!

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