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Chaussures Swing Sneakers Dorees Vegan 1
Chaussures Swing Sneakers Dorees Vegan 2
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Charlie - Gold Vegan Sneakers

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Discover recycled vegan gold swing sneakers ♻️. Charlie sneakers are handcrafted in Spain from materials that are both comfortable and responsible, for the pleasure of your feet and the peace of your mind! They're perfectly suited to everyday wear and will even take you out on the swing dance floor, especially if you like the grip of gum soles.

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    Fait en Espagne

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    Matériaux vegan

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    Fait à la main

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Chaussures Swing Sneakers Dorees Vegan 1

Charlie - Gold Vegan Sneakers

Shoe Care Guide
Delivery & Returns

— Model handmade in Spain from GMO-free corn 🌽 and recycled plastic bottles ♻️.
— Recycled rubber outsole.
— Ultra comfortable insole to cushion every step

GTIN 3760297532697

When buying vegan sneakers, there are a few things you can do to take care of your new wonders. Avoid cleaning products containing abrasives and heat sources. Simply clean your shoes with a slightly damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth. To help them keep their shape, slip crumpled tissue paper over them every night. For more information, please visit the page Shoe Care Guide of our site.

The gold vegan sneakers are made in a small family workshop near Alicante, Spain. We designed a stylish shape, chose modern colors, and did everything to make feet feel like slippers in Swivells! First, the insoles are padded to cushion the shock between feet and ground. Then, the gum outsoles have the perfect grip for an impeccable comfort.

And finally, the gold material we selected for the Charlie model is soft and quickly gets to the foot. So, through these details, Swivells sneakers do everything to combine comfort and aesthetics.

Deliveries and Returns are free of charge in France via Mondial Relay 🚚 In case of dissatisfaction, you have 15 days to return all or part of your order (excluding extended return period mentioned on our website). For more information, please visit our page Returns.


Loved all over the world


How do you wear your gold vegan sneakers, Charlie?

Discover the golden vegan sneakers Charlie, sneakers inspired by the world of Swing dances, such as Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie and Charleston. These sneakers are designed to accompany you both in the city and at the dance, combining style and performance. With their grippy soles, these sneakers are specially designed to allow you to dance with confidence on slippery dance floors.

To enhance these unique sneakers, we suggest a trendy yet casual outfit. Pair your Charlie gold sneakers with loose, comfortable pants for maximum freedom of movement. Complete your look with a stylish white top, which will bring a touch of sobriety to your ensemble.

Wearing the Charlie gold vegan sneakers, you'll merge the captivating energy of swing with the comfort of street shoes, ready to hit the streets with style or hit the dance floor with grace and confidence.


A 100% transparent price

No Fast Fashion, properly paid artisans and service providers, quality raw materials


Manufacturing & Logistics

Raw materials, remuneration of artisans, handling, storage, insurance



All transportation costs, from the factory to your home (+ possible returns)



Photographers, videographers, models, graphic designers, advertising (without them you would not be here 💁🏻‍♀️)



Rent, taxes, collections development, website, bank, accounting, miscellaneous (losses, theft, etc.)



Salaries (including social contributions). No salaries no shoes 😅



For each pair sold, we pay 20% VAT to the state, i.e. 17% of the total

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Claire Penin

Charlie - Sneakers Dorées Vegan

Très bonne marque

Article conforme à la photo. J'ai été surprise par la rapidité de la livraison. Je recommanderai.

Louise S.
Un excellent choix pour les danseuses !

Elles offrent une bonne adhérence tout en permettant des mouvements fluides sur la piste de danse.

Alba S.
I'm absolutely smitten with these shoes!

Not only are they stylish, but they provide an unmatched level of comfort. Dancing swing has never felt so good!

Amy R.
Comfort meets style

Thank you Swivells for making such stylish shoes!

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