The brand

From Paris to New York

A Parisian brand

The Swivells adventure began in a small apartment in the heart of Paris's Batignolles district. This is where materials are studied, technical specifications drawn up and shoes designed. The rest takes place in Spain, in a small family workshop run by Maria and her three brothers. And because quality knows no boundaries our models are worn, and loved, in over 40 countries around the world!
Chaussures Swing Sandales Dorées en Cuir
Chaussures Swing Sandales Dorées en Cuir Lit


Comfortable shoes

Our aim is simple: to design the most comfortable dance shoes to take care of your feet, knees, hips and back. We do everything we can to make you feel as comfortable in our Swing shoes as you do in your favorite slippers.

A fine construction technique

Our seamstresses assemble each piece by hand. They take care to make the seams both fine and strong so as not to injure your beloved feet. Our soles are Blake-stitched for even greater flexibility and breathability.

Fine, supple materials

Our thick foam insoles are well cushioned. Our counter materials are thin and flexible. Our outsoles follow the contours of your foot. Our vegan leathers and materials are supple and easy on the foot.

Evolving with you

Since 2017, we've been gathering and studying your feedback to bring you ever-greater comfort. We work tirelessly to achieve our goal: that you can dance the night away without worrying about your feet.

Chaussures Swing Sandales Lilas en Cuir Danse
Chaussures Swing Bottines Rouges en Cuir Danse

The ethics

Responsible shoes

We have chosen to work with a human-sized workshop. We produce little and regularly, limiting our storage space and adapting to customer demand.

Made in Spain

Our shoes are made in Spain with respect for the working conditions of our artisans.

Handmade with love

Our shoes are handmade with love in a family workshop by passionate artisans.

Quality materials

We use leather & vegan materials of great quality and that are made in Europe.


Monthly donation to the Frankie Manning Foundation and annual donation to the Red Cross.

In 2020, we discovered a new material that shares the same virtues as leather, but is also eco-responsible. It's made from corn and recycled plastic bottles. Thanks to it, we've been able to reduce the impact of our shoe production on the following elements:


Carbone footprint reduced by 13%

Less direct impact on global warming.

Non-renewable energy reduced by 44%

Less impact on depletion of natural resources.

CFC emissions reduced by 32%

Less impact on ozone depletion.

Chaussures Swing Bottines Vegan Dorées en Cuir
Chaussures Swing Sandales Lilas en Cuir Assise

The look

Stylish shoes

Our mission has always been to make you feel good in every sense of the word when you slip on our shoes, whether you're going Swing dancing, going to work, or out for a drink with friends. You deserve to feel both comfortable and stylish at all times!

Timeless designs

To achieve this, we use classic, timeless styles: ankle boots, derby shoes, sneakers, sandals and more. We then add elegant, modern curves to these classic designs, without compromising the comfort of your feet.

Colors for everyone

We use colors to suit every taste. Whether you like bright colors that make you smile, all-purpose colors that blend in with all your outfits, or bright colors that make all outfits stand out, you're bound to find what you're looking for.

A passion for challenge

Combining comfort and style is no easy task. That's why we work with our craftsmen to find manufacturing techniques that blend the two. Don't compromise between style and comfort - you deserve both!

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Chaussures Swing Sandales Dorées en Cuir Cheville