Our Swing Dancing shoes

The secrets to great Swing Dance Shoes

Lindy Hopper's Delight

It's also our favourite song for triple steps. Our shoes are designed for dancers by dancers. The classic construction of the models has been redesigned so that you can chain the Swingouts all night long.

Our leather-sole range

The soles in this range are definitely for leather lovers! In addition to providing support and allowing your feet to breathe, leather soles protect your joints when you spin, slide, twist, and more. We also added thermoplastic rubber detailing under the heel to give you more control. So go ahead and dance—we’ve got your feet covered!

Heel counters

Heel counters designed to protect your heels without rubbing them the wrong way.

Ultra-comfortable insoles

A thick foam insole under a thin layer of leather. So comfy you’ll be swept off your feet!

Leather soles

Leather soles with Blake-stitching for a finer shoe that breathes better.

What are Swing Dancing Shoes?
First and foremost, swing shoes are all about comfort. They meet specific manufacturing requirements to make you feel (and dance) like you’re floating on a cloud!
Why buy a pair of Swing Shoes?
Looking to dance all night without your feet paying a painful price? Or just hoping to let off some steam after work in something comfortable? Maybe it’s time to consider buying your first pair of swing shoes.
What’s the benefit of choosing Swivells over other brands of Swing Shoes?
At Swivells, we went the extra mile to design shoes that give your feet the comfort they deserve. And as though that wasn't enough, we chose bright colours to bring you models with moxie and flash!

Rubber soles

Rubber soles for sliding a little, but not too much!

Ultra-comfortable insoles

A thick foam insole under a thin layer of leather. So comfy you’ll be swept off your feet!

No heel counters

Flexible heels to keep you blister-free!

Our sport-sole range

Our sport range features rubber soles that are perfect for those who love a fast tempo and a little more grip. These smooth, airy soles slide just enough to protect your knees while keeping you upright on extra-slippery floors 🙂. What’s more, we took out the heel counters to bring you unparalleled comfort.

What about wearing them daily?

The advantage of shoes built for comfort is that they can go wherever you go. Don't settle for shoes that only serve you on the dance floor—opt for shoes that serve you everywhere, everyday! We do, however, recommend that you have your local shoe repair shop put sole protectors over your leather soles. It’ll make your shoes last longer and give them better grip.