Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 1
Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 2
Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 3
Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 1
Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 2
Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 3

Champagne - Pink Leather Derbies with Glitter

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Champagne is the classic shape of the derby, adorned with a cover of pink champagne sequins. Perfect for daytime or evening wear, it lends itself to both chic and casual looks.

This model will unfortunately not be coming back in stock! We hope you will find your happiness among the other models of our collection ❤️

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Chaussures Swing Derbies Paillettes Dorees 1

Champagne - Pink Leather Derbies with Glitter

Shoe Care Guide
Delivery & Returns

👉 Model handmade in Portugal from cowhide leather
👉 Leather outsole
👉 Ultra comfortable insole to cushion every step

GTIN : 3760297530631

There are a few habits you can adopt to take care of your new derbies and their glittery exterior. Don’t forget to waterproof them regularly and stuff them with tissue paper when not in use in order to keep their shape. To protect the soles, avoid wearing Swivells on rainy days or ask your local shoe specialist to put sole protectors on them. For more information, don't hesitate to check our Shoe Care Guide page.

The gold glitter derbies gold glitter Swivells are made in a small family workshop in northern Portugal. We designed a stylish shape, chose modern colors, and did everything to make feet feel like slippers in Swivells! First, the insoles are padded to cushion the shock between feet and ground. Then, the rear reinforcement (the invisible reinforcement that stiffens the shape of the shoe) is thin and does not go up to the top of the heel in order to keep the foot held by the leather and not by a rigid material. Finally, the sequin textile as well as the leather lining selected for the Champagne model are soft and are quickly made to the foot. Thus, through these details, Swivells derbies do everything to combine comfort and aesthetics.

Deliveries and Returns are free of charge in France via Mondial Relay 🚚 In case of dissatisfaction, you have 15 days to return all or part of your order (excluding extended return period mentioned on our website). For more information, please visit our page Returns.


Loved all over the world


How to wear your gold derbies with glitter, Champagne?

Champagne derbies are leather shoes cloaked in pink champagne glitter fabric. They were designed to blend elegant curves and unbeatable comfort.

The best thing about champagne glitter shoes is that they go with both your formal and your casual attire. Not convinced? Here’s a sample casual look that will go perfectly with your Champagne derbies. Slip on some light blue overalls, a simple grey tee-shirt and a white button-down sweater. Even though your feet are already walking jewels, you can add a few accessories if you like. This will give you a laid-back look during the day. For an evening look, swap the overalls and tee with high-waisted pants and a knotted blouse, and voilà! You're ready for a night on the town!


A 100% transparent price

No Fast Fashion, properly paid artisans and service providers, quality raw materials


Manufacturing & Logistics

Raw materials, remuneration of artisans, handling, storage, insurance



All transportation costs, from the factory to your home (+ possible returns)



Photographers, videographers, models, graphic designers, advertising (without them you would not be here 💁🏻‍♀️)



Rent, taxes, collections development, website, bank, accounting, miscellaneous (losses, theft, etc.)



Salaries (including social contributions). No salaries no shoes 😅



For each pair sold, we pay 20% VAT to the state, i.e. 17% of the total

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Larissa S.

Love those shoes!


Parfaites !!


The shoes were love at first sight and long term I definitely love them!


Très confortable


These shoes are amazing! I loved them from the first time. They are beautiful and very comfortable!
And they also smell very nice.
(Still wondering how the smaller size would be because I can feel there is a bit of space there but I guess I will figure it out within my next purchase :-)).

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