Mama Rubie

What would your wardrobe be without a beautiful pair of red ankle boots? Swivells re-invents this classic with a colourful touch and optimum comfort. Don’t be afraid of Mama Rubie’s seductive attributes. Embrace the fact that you will stand out!


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  • check Leather outsoles that let your feet breathe better.
  • check Blake construction for a robust, thin and soft shoe.
  • check Super comfortable insole designed to cushion every step.

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Our sizeOuter sole lengthOuter sole width
4228 cm9,5 cm
4127,5 cm9,2 cm
4027 cm9 cm
3926,5 cm9 cm
3826 cm9 cm
3725,2 cm8,8 cm
3624,6 cm8,5 cm
3524 cm8,3 cm


This model runs smaller than standard European shoes. If you are between two sizes, consider choosing the bigger size! Notify me when my size is back in stock!

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How to wear them

Outfit ideas for your red and dark-red leather boots

Swivells has reinvented the classic red leather ankle boot and created Mama Rubie, a delightful mix of malboro red and ruby red.

You will get a kick out of receiving compliments and get envious looks at your feet.. For a casual look combine your Mama Rubie with a flowery dress, a brown belt, and, to perfect the look, a blue jacket.

In addition to style, the Mama Rubie, like the other models in the collection, is conceived for optimal comfort of your feet. Soft leather, quilted inner soles, blake sewed leather outsoles… You will never want to wear another pair of shoes!




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Mama Rubie : starstarstarstarstar

Arrivée en 24 heures, et bottines si confortables c'est comme marcher sur un nuage!

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verified_user Verified order

Mama Rubie : starstarstarstarstar

Most comfortable shoes I have ever danced in!

Reviewed via Verified Reviews

Mama Rubie : starstarstarstarstar

LOVE them! Sits like a second skin end really adapts to my feet. I can easily adjust how tight I want them and they are really stuck to my feet, nothing moves! Danced 6-7 hours my first day with them and no blisters and sore feet!

Reviewed via Verified Reviews

We make our own insoles

Because your comfort is important to us!

Swivells boots are made with love and care in a small family workshop in the North of Portugal. We have designed elegant curves and chosen modern colours to make your feet feel as good as they look in a pair of Swivells.

The inner soles are cushioned and the counter is thin and not too high on the heel, designed for your optimal comfort. The red leathers that have been chosen for Mama Rubie are soft and adapt quickly to your feet.

With this design and attention to detail, Swivells boots combine comfort and style.


Everything you need to know about your Mama Rubie ankle boots





Sole composition

Leather and synthetic

🇫🇷 ⨯ 🇵🇹 Designed in Paris and hand-crafted at a factory near Porto.

dialpad GTIN 3770010562818

There are a few things to do to take care of your new Swivells boots. Don’t forget to protect them regularly with waterproof spray and use crumpled tissue paper or shoe-trees when you are not wearing them. For more information, consult our Shoe Care Guide.

photo zoom Mama Rubie Red and dark-red leather boots