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Swing Out T-Shirt

The Swing Out is the most emblematic step of Swing dancing. Dynamic and rhythmic, it is just like this t-shirt: full of joy! Thanks to its basic unisex cut and its thick 100% organic cotton you'll be able to wear it a lot and for a very long time. Looks ideas for your Swing Out T-Shirt - Details and fabrication

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Our t-shirts have a unisex fit, we strongly recommend that you refer to our size guide.

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Transparent pricing

Fast fashion has altered our vision of « fair » prices, therefore we have decided to implement a transparent pricing policy. Our intention here is simple: you need to know what you are paying for when buying a pair of Swivells shoes. Yes, you will be able to find much cheaper shoes, but at what cost?

Here at Swivells, all our service providers are paid appropriately and on time, from our craftsmen to our freelance photographers. We do not over-produce and we are particularly attached to the quality of our raw materials, for the planet, for the artisans who handle them, and for you who wear them. And finally, we pay all our taxes, social contributions, and taxes in this beautiful country that is France 🇫🇷🥖.

  • 44%

    Manufacturing & Logistics

    Raw materials, Remuneration of our artisans, Handling, Storage, Insurance

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    Expenses not covered by the cost of delivery (and possible returns)

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    Photographers, Videographers, Models, Graphic Artists, Advertising (without them you wouldn't be on our website 💁🏻‍♀️)

  • 12%

    Structure costs

    Rent, Taxes, Collection development, Website, Bank, Accounting, Miscellaneous (losses, theft, etc.)

  • 8%


    Wages (including all type of social contributions). No wages, no shoes 😅

  • 17%


    For each pair sold, we pay 20% VAT to the state, i.e. 17% of the total

For a fair price


Look idea for Swing Out T-Shirt

How to wear them

Outfit ideas for your 100% organic cotton swing out t-shirt

The great thing about basic cuts is that you can wear them any way you want without the risk of making a faux pas. Here's a simple look that will make you feel both comfortable and stylish in your 100% organic cotton "Swing Out!

Start by picking up your favorite pair of jeans. Then put on a pair of shoes you're comfortable in. Depending on the season, add a few accessories or a colorful jacket and you're done. You'll feel comfortable from head to toe!

And if you feel like it, tie your shirt in the front to show the world your pretty belly (curves, wrinkles and stretch marks are welcome! No need to camouflage them 😉 )


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We make our own insoles

Because your comfort is important to us!

Our Swing Out t-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton to ensure softness and optimal breathability! As for its wide cut, it allows you to move freely without feeling constricted.


Everything you need to know about your Swing Out T-Shirt clothing

As with any 100% cotton garment, do not wash your Swing Out t-shirt at more than 30° and avoid the dryer. Finally, always remember to wash and iron it inside out. For more information, consult our Shoe Care Guide.

  • 👉 Designed in Paris, manufactured near Porto
  • 👉 100% organic cotton

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