Would you like Danaé, our fashion expert, to give you ideas on how to wear yellow boots? Right this way!

How to wear yellow boots

Sandy side of them Swivells

First pun of the day and counting.

Yes people, it’s officially summer. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are bloomed and along them you are bloomed too, unless you have one of those horrible pollen allergies.

As nature gets all happy and colourful, you are also getting the same vibe; hence, this is the best time to take those fancy, colour-splashed Swivells of yours, out for a show off. Alrighty, you have half of the outfit ready. What’s next? 

Make it a rainbow

One way to combine a pair of colourful shoes is, wait for it, by colour. Big surprise, ta dah.

A pastel coloured dream coming to life. Pastel colours, mint green, yellow, pink, apart from being very popular and prized amongst the latest trends, it’s also something to stick to throughout the entire year. We are choosing a loose baby doll dress, ideal for those warm spring days, in a light shade of violet. For an extra pinch of colour, add a coat or an accessory in the same or in a similar colour palette. Our suggestion consists of an oversized androgynous jacket, in a brighter shade of pink.

Denim ain’t just for James Dean

Personally, I find this to be the easiest and safest choice to match your Swivells. Simply, a pair of skinny, high-waisted jeans. What makes the combination of a skinny pair of trousers with flat ankle boots so easy on the eye is the continuous flow of the body lines. Kinda lost you there? In less words, your legs look taller.

An outfit based on a pair of jeans can be from super casual to a pure extravaganza. If you’re looking for something wearable and efficient all day long, add a shirt or a baggy top. The colour of the top can definitely vary, the combination we liked the most was green shirt-yellow boots - looks a bit like a flower, no? For days when the weather is a bit nippy, an overcoat plus a denim jacket or a bomber underneath can work wonders.

If your workplace is a jungle, make it a safari

As mentioned quite a lot in previous and in this post, Swivells are quite the colourful shoe. And while it’s quite easy to combine them and walk around in your everyday life, there might be a slight hesitation when it comes to wearing them to work. That is, when your work is something less than the free spirited-artistic-bohemian looking style, like a lindy hop instructor. Right?

In that case, set the tone straight. A pair of bright yellow boots can get a milder tone when combined with earthly colours. And since it’s springtime, we chose to present a total white outfit. A maxi white skirt, in safari style and a white, lightly woven jumper.

Swivell night hop

I really can’t resist a pun. Even if it’s a really bad one.

So, dancing. The big night that you can strut your yellow boots across the dance floor and show off some of dem skills. But again, what to wear? I am very much in favour of showing as much legs as possible when dancing is concerned. If you are not feeling like wearing a short skirt or a short dress, any piece of clothing that demonstrates the body movement at its whole glory is always the best choice.

In the case of a pair of yellow boots, I couldn’t get my mind off of a floral dress. You escape a bit the idea of something monochromatic and it gives a perky vibe to the whole outfit, which we can all admit, suits the ambience of a swing event. We suggest a midi floral dress, in a chemisière style. The trick here is that you can either wear it as it is, or you can open the bottom buttons, add a yellow belt and let it flow in every turn and spin.

So people, I hope you found something helpful here and you can now enjoy your Sandy Swivells and the sunny weather, altogether.


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