Have you ever wondered how to wear green boots? Danaé, one of our fashion specialist, gives you an answer in this article!

How to wear green boots

So, you got a pair of funky, leather, green boots. Say, Mama Green or Mama Kiwi. They look amazing and you look amazing too. But every time, you get stuck in front of your wardrobe, racking your brains how to combine them, since you‘re used in the comfort of constantly wearing your ‘goes-with-everything’ black shoes. What looks good with bright green? What are the options apart from total black? Don’t misunderstand me, there is nothing wrong with good old total black, always chic and always comfortable. But hey, a colourful shoe demands a colourful outfit, so why not trying to take it up a notch style-wise?

Green boots all day, everyday

You got out of bed, a million things buzzing in your head and only 24 hours in a day, hence, too little time to think of how to combine your green boots in an effortlessly stylish way, yet cozy and practical. Behold the solution, the boilersuit.

Denim overalls. They feel like sweatpants and the blue shade matches your green boots divinely. As a little extra something, you could add a colourful turtleneck, with open buttons on the chest or not, for more brightness and versatility.

An additional suggestion. Pleated skirts are a big trend at the moment, but most importantly, they are so bloody comfortable. They can be worn at any time, at any occasion and in many different ways. A pleated, midi skirt, a soft coloured hoodie – because you know, athleisure- and off you go.

All work and yes play

A day in which you have a meeting with your boss, well, it might not be your first option to pull off a colourful attire. With natural colours prevailing, it might be a wee bit awkward for you to walk in looking like a Wes Anderson movie. Still nothing wrong with that- I‘d so be the crazy lady shouting “yaaaas” from across the office. However, if you feel like keeping some of the office norms but you still crave to hear your green boots clack-clack-clacking on your workplace floor, here’s an option.

Androgynous look makes a straight-forward statement that you’re here for business and don’t even get me started on checked pattern.

A checked suit, with a jumper or a linen shirt in earth colours tone down the bright colour of your green boots but also support and show off their unique colour. Trousers are, in my opinion, the most comfortable and safe choice to wear at work, whatever your occupation is. You can wear the same checked pattern in both blazer and pants, or you can play with different types of checked, but still staying in the same colour palette.

And a little something for the lindy hoppers out there

This one is for all of you who got their pair of Swivells because you couldn’t resist the endless slide the leather sole provides. Oh do trust me, I know the struggle of desperately figuring out how to combine the colour of my dancing shoes to the rest of the outfit. There are simply too many things to take into account; For one, the fabric -is it going to make me sweat a lot- or the length of the clothes or even the character of the outfit, depending on the formality of the event.

From personal experience and after having tried out almost every single thing there is, from suits to dresses to skirts to whatever, I have found great help in jumpsuits. They are flowy, they show off the movement of the legs -and the swivels, very much the swivels- plus I don’t have to think about wearing a pair of shorts under the skirt/dress or how much the latter is going to be lifted in turns.

Combine a flowy, silky jumpsuit, in pale colour, blue, pastel pink or yellow, with your green boots. The colours are quite close to each other in the colour palette, which makes the ensemble look harmonic and cheerful.

Green, green, green across the board

This one is a tiny bit more extra, for when you’re feeling a bit more flamboyant than usual. Following some of the all-time favourite trends, putting on a total green outfit can be quite a revelation. It’s funny, it’s playful, yes, it can get a bit tricky, but that’s what accessories are for. Get equipped with a couple basic green items-excluding the boots, you already have them. Duh. Just funk them up with accessories of the same colour, or slightly different shades. We suggest a green dress and a green coat as the main skeleton and pair them up with a green belt, green tights and green earrings.

I really do hope you draw some inspiration from the suggestions above and that you’ll rock those stunningly colourful boots in every place and occasion. Especially now that it’s winter, we all need that extra splash of colour in our life.


Danaé Papathanasiou

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Published on the May 01, 2019 by Amélie Barrande

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