How to wear glitter shoes

Published on the by Amélie Barrande

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Check out Leïla’s winter lookbook, which is fully dedicated to our line of glitter derbies and boots!

How to wear glitter shoes

Get three new outfit ideas each season to wear with boots and derbies—the two styles currently made by the Swivells brand. We’ll show you how to explore colors and patterns, and how to give feminine looks a new twist with the right accessories.

This special edition focuses on the glitter collection, which is getting a new dash of flash with the arrival of our Champagne derbies and Mama Champagne boots! Everything sparkles during the holiday season, and glitter in the right proportion can add just the subtle touch you're looking for. No need for a glitter hangover! Moderation is key, so we recommend you opt for more understated, stylish pieces to go with your champagne Swivells.

How to wear your Mama Champagne boots

Glitter—like a Charlie Chaplin film—is well-matched with black and white. With this first monochrome look to highlight your Mama Champagne boots, you simply can't go wrong. A short black dress (especially apron-cut) will slim the legs all the way down to the boot tops. Because it features straps just like overalls, you can even pair it with a white turtleneck. Then top it off with a white beanie to give it the casual touch it needs. The details make all the difference!

How to wear your Champagne derbies

Making your glitter shoes fit your style is a question of taste. If you prefer a more vintage look, you can achieve it with small print fabrics. This black trapeze skirt, for example, which features a white cross-hatch pattern with an asymmetrical line of buttons to highlight the cut, would make a stellar combo with your pink Champagne derbies. Depending on your body type and the occasion, add an oversized black sweater or a tucked-in black blouse. Remember: the idea is to avoid too much bling by opting for subdued attire, so no flowers or dragon-print tops!

How to wear your Mama Starry boots

Nothing says ‘simplicity’ like a pair of jeans. A slim, high-waisted jean that's not too long will make your glitter shoes pop. Pastels will set the stage for a starring role with your Mama Starry boots, so we suggest a grey wool button-down cardigan. Under the boots’ shimmering exterior lies a layer of deep indigo that will be more visible when matched with a corduroy baseball cap in a similar hue.

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