In this article, you'll find a brief guide to wearing your brown derbies!

How to wear brown derbies

Why are brown derbies so popular? The main reason is that brown is by far the easiest colour to match! There are so many possibilities with which you simply can't go wrong. That's why you generally want to make sure you own a pair of brown shoes before letting yourself opt for less versatile colours.

Here are some ideas for colours to match your brown derbies!

Wear brown shoes with blue

Do I even need to say it?! Blue and brown go together like peas in a pod. Plus, it's rare to find a closet without a pair of raw denim jeans. Raw denim jeans + brown leather derbies = a simple, classic choice that won’t disappoint!

Wear brown shoes with pastel pink

Brown and pastel pink are less common but go just as well together, even for masculine looks! Pastel pink is elegant and modern, but not very commonly worn. That’s why we often don't know what to wear it with. Wearing pastel pink pants with a pair of brown leather derbies offers a simple, classy way of sporting this under-represented colour.

Some pastel pink chinos and a pair of brown leather derbies and voilà! You're ready to go.

Wear brown shoes with olive green

Brown shoes with olive green pants is one of my favourite combinations!

When we think of olive green, we often picture trekking or military attire. However, it can be a very elegant colour. When worn with a pretty pair of brown leather derbies, olive green pants make for a modern and classy outfit.

Wear brown shoes with beige

Brown and beige make the very easiest colour combination. You can't go wrong putting these two colours together! With a pair of beige chinos and your Chestnut derbies, you’ll have an easy go-to outfit that will always do the trick.