How to look chill in derbies

Published on the by Amélie Barrande

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Leïla, our French fashion expert, tells you how to achieve a laid-back look with your derbies!

How to look chill in derbies

This fourth edition dedicated to street wear highlights three models of Swivells derbies. Why street wear? Because sometimes you simply can’t be bothered to wear something that's uncomfortable or too fancy. After a long night, too little sleep and a dismal morning, it's the last thing you want. You need this day to be chill, starting with your outfit.

A globalised, apolitical version of this style, which began on the streets of New York City in the ‘80s and ‘90s, has not only made a comeback—it's reflected in the way we live. 

Anyhow, whether you’re having a bad day or you’re just a ‘90s aficionado, the answer is the same: farewell tight jeans, hasta la vista fitted blouse, ciao unruly ankle socks and auf wiedersehen itchy sweater. Hello soft sweatshirt and elastic-waist pants—let's get comfy!

Truly, if your style is as great as your comfort, you are the master of the Swivells universe.

Miss Poppy

It all begins with the new microlite sole. Made with complex technology for extreme lightness, this white sole is waterproof, durable and more cushioned than your average sole. They’re featured on our black leather sport derby, Miss Poppy, which is the perfect addition to a black outfit. Loose-fitting pants plus a long-sleeved polo with the collar buttoned, and you’re about as close to pyjamas as you can get. You can throw on a bright-coloured or even neon overshirt (left open) to keep you warm and put some contrast into the mix. You can find everything you need – especially the shirt – at your local thrift store!


Champagne is a luxurious shoe you can wear on formal or informal occasions. Isn't that great? The pinkish glitter will steal all the attention, so it's best to wear them with a simple yet stylish dress (cough, cough—more black!). Try an oversized, ankle-length dress that cinches at the waist, like a kaftan, to go with your derbies. Accessorise with a corduroy bucket hat for volume and some matte purple lipstick. This outfit is loose-fitting yet totally chic!


Okay, okay—it's time to put a splash of colour into this edition! When wearing shoes with different shades of brown like the two-toned derby Chestnut, try light pastel clothing like some beige mom jeans and a soft seafoam-green polo sweater. Finish your spring look with a pair of vintage-inspired leopard shades, and voilà! 

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