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  • How to wear brown derbies

    Published on the 26 Mar 2020 by Leila Izrar

    In this article, you'll find a brief guide to wearing your brown derbies!

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  • How to look chill in derbies

    Published on the 15 Mar 2020 by Amélie Barrande

    Leïla, our French fashion expert, tells you how to achieve a laid-back look with your derbies!

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  • The Frankie Manning Foundation

    Published on the 28 Jan 2020 by Danaé Papathanasiou

    What is the Frankie Manning Foundation? In this article, Danaé tells you everything about this amazing non-profit organization.

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  • How to wear glitter shoes

    Published on the 16 Jan 2020 by Amélie Barrande

    Check out Leïla’s winter lookbook, which is fully dedicated to our line of glitter derbies and boots!

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  • The definitive leather shoe care guide

    Published on the 12 Sep 2019 by Amélie Barrande

    Here is a guide to help you take care of your favorite leather shoes!

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  • How to wear navy blue ankle boots

    Published on the 15 Aug 2019 by Amélie Barrande

    Sit back, relax, and enjoy Danaé's ideas on how to wear navy blue ankle boots in formal occasions!

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  • Head over boots

    Published on the 20 Jun 2019 by Amélie Barrande

    People often wonder why Swing dancers like so much dancing in boots instead of more vintage types of shoes. Danaé gives us the answer right here!

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  • How to wear yellow boots

    Published on the 01 May 2019 by Amélie Barrande

    Would you like Danaé, our fashion expert, to give you ideas on how to wear yellow boots? Right this way!

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  • How to wear green boots

    Published on the 11 Feb 2019 by Amélie Barrande

    Have you ever wondered how to wear green boots? Danaé, one of our fashion specialist, gives you an answer in this article!

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Our boots and derbies blend comfort and elegance. Sewn with quality leather and using colours we love, our goal today is to bring your feet some colour!

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